Agricultural Traceability System Has Completed Internal Testing

The application of the agricultural traceability system on the DOM Chain has completed internal testing!

Recently, DOM Chain released an official announcement on our media platforms, announcing that the DOM Chain agricultural traceability system, independently developed by its R&D team, has completed internal testing.

It is anticipated that all open source codes will be officially announced sometime in September. Eventually, users and developers will be able to independently build and expand traceability projects. Additionally, developers and users will not be required to have an in-depth understanding of the underlying technical details of cryptography, consensus mechanisms, or storage methods. They will be able to use a simple and fast programmable environment to directly connect to business applications, thereby reducing blockchain business costs.

The main functions of the DOM Chain agricultural traceability system are as follows:

Firstly, let’s break down the cultivation management system.

1. The Cultivation Management System assists in proper management of crops. This is made possible through blockchain technology, big data screening, modeling, and cultivation, which enables users to build a rigorous and complete library of high-tech enterprises to facilitate scientific decision-making and precise services.

Secondly, we have the batch management system

2. The Batch Management System helps solve the problems of multiple operation procedures and low work efficiency in the process of crop batch processing. This function is based on the DOM Chain public chain embedded system.

Next, we have the Identification and traceability system

3. The Identification and Traceability System enables blockchain traceability, and uses the item codes or labels that come with agricultural products to achieve accurate traceability of agricultural products.

Next, the print traceability QR code system:

4.The Print Traceability QR Code System uses the QR code traceability system to help establish a crop safety and quality management system. It also refines the production process to each key control point, clarifies the responsibilities of each key link, and achieves traceability of the source and traceability of the flow. Information can easily be inquired, responsibilities can be investigated, and products can be recalled safely.

5. Printer Management System

On the basis of fully guaranteeing information security and confidence, the printer management system stabilizes and reliably realizes the mixed deployment of public chains and private chains, greatly improving the efficiency of user printing and use, as well as servicing the internal IT infrastructure of the enterprise.

6. Traceability Certification System

In the certification process, we have high standards in place, in order to become certified. Certification is carried out in terms of crop appearance characteristics, breeding methods, growth environment, seedling source, growth cycle, etc. This is to ensure the quality and safety of agricultural products, speed up the progress of agricultural product traceability certification, and ensure agriculture work is conducted in an orderly manner.

7. Traceability Information On-chain System

DOM Chain, when combined with blockchain, has the incomparable interactivity and timeliness of traditional traceability. Consumers can scan the code to view the entire lifecycle and visually view traceability information. The big data engine backend will record the scan time, model, and scan times of the QR code scanned for each product on the terminal throughout its lifecycle

Lastly, the back-office management system.

8. Back-office Management System is an agricultural fresh food back-office management system that solves 90% of the problems of fresh food managers. These are: improved efficiency + reduced losses + managed distribution + expanded scale, as well as increasing the efficiency of fresh food distribution by 30%.

The DOM Chain public chain can be expanded to be used in a multitude of other industries. These include digital asset transactions, decentralized finance, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, smart cities, government services, medical care, and much much more!

Stay Tuned.

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DOM Chain is an advanced public blockchain that provides the underlying architecture for parachain development.

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DOM Chain

DOM Chain

DOM Chain is an advanced public blockchain that provides the underlying architecture for parachain development.

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