DOM Chain Ecosystem Development Plan Ⅱ

DOM Chain Ecosystem Development Plan Part 2

Hello DOM Chain community!

We have another great article in store for you to learn more about us and to get excited!

As we all know, blockchain is a disruptive technology. One of the purposes of blockchain is to realize the intercommunication of value, users, and applications. It will also play a vital role in the development of the next evolution of the internet. Since the launch of the DOM Chain main net, DOM aims to build an open-source, high-performance decentralized public chain to promote the implementation of transaction services in the blockchain industry.

Currently, DOM Chain is working hard in regard to the research and development of technical products, such as multi-chain parallelism, pluggable, scalable architecture, faster transaction speeds, security, and more!

The DOM main network TPS transaction speed can reach more than 30,000+. It can also handle a large number of users and nodes breakthrough transaction bottlenecks and achieve higher transaction throughput, scalability, and security.

The technical team behind DOM Chain has decades of combined experience of blockchain theoretical research and practical development experience. The next year will usher in numerous significant upgrades, including the construction of a decentralized trading platform, agricultural and charity application platforms, and the establishment of NFT applications.

DOM Chain has established three major ecosystem construction plans for DOM to thrive!

First, a decentralized trading platform.

DOM Chain’s technology is superior, with the ability for developers to create their own customized network to meet their needs. The trading platform will be a decentralized, high-performance public chain ecosystem that will allow anyone to issue digital assets, create digital asset trading pairs, and conduct transactions.

Secondly, a multi-dimensional application ecosystem.

DOM Chain hopes to build a complete value ecosystem for users in the blockchain era, which can provide protection for users’ free will, personal value, and time value. It will also benefit users in application scenarios and it can be expanded to be applied to digital asset transactions, decentralized finance, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, smart cities, government services, smart agriculture, and much much more!

Finally, NFT ecosystem construction.

We will be developing an NFT ecosystem that is advantageous to all parties in the NFT industry, with emphasis on the long-term development of the ecosystem by enabling the privacy of individuals participating in transactions to identify NFT collectibles, game props, and artworks during the transaction.

Big things are happening, stay tuned for more!

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DOM Chain is an advanced public blockchain that provides the underlying architecture for parachain development.

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DOM Chain

DOM Chain

DOM Chain is an advanced public blockchain that provides the underlying architecture for parachain development.

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