DOM Chain Ecosystem Development Plan Part 1

At DOM Chain we have spent ample time researching and studying blockchain technology to ensure the technical abilities of our blockchain protocol is nothing short of perfection.

The mission of DOM Chain is not only to create a public blockchain protocol, but also to become the birthplace of innovative technologies and businesses.

As we mentioned previously, some of our most important attributes are open source code, DeFi, and NFT functionality.

Let’s break-down each feature.

Firstly, let’s discuss open source code:

1. The core team of DOM Chain knew that in order to create a successful public blockchain, the code of course had to be open source. Through our innovative and superior technology, DOM Chain should be one of the leading platforms in the blockchain industry.

Developers can now use our technology to create their very own DApps to enrich our ecosystem and achieve their goals and aspirations.

Next, we have DeFi:

2. Adding to our open source code functionality, we are building an infrastructure that will enable DeFi DApps for the ecosystem.

In the face of the global digital financial wave, DOM Chain will be there every step of the way, bringing real benefits to all users and promoting the prosperity of the blockchain ecosystem.

Lastly, let’s talk NFTs:

3. We recently began the development of our NFT platform, as well as investor outreach to expand our capabilities.

NFTs are currently a very effective technical means for confirming the rights of digital assets.

We are hoping to combine the NFT momentum with our cloud chain technology through modularization, interoperability, cross-chain consensus, and other operating mechanisms to attract more users to the platform!

The golden age of blockchain developers is approaching, and DOM Chain is developing a protocol that will support it and attract more developers to build on our chain!

Stay tuned!

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