The DOM Chain Ultimate Vision

The DOM Chain Ultimate Vision

The ultimate DOM Chain vision is to disrupt the blockchain industry. There are many great blockchain platforms out there, but many of them are missing key attributes for long-term sustainability. If blockchain technology is adopted by the mainstream, we need a platform that can handle the world — not a few hundred, a few thousand — or even a few million — we need one that can systematically handle the globe. We believe our multi-layer blockchain architecture is the stepping stone for a better tomorrow for every single industry.

One of the main pitfalls of the current blockchains is scalability concerns.

After all, the goal of everyone in the blockchain industry is for it to reach mass adoption, so we were frankly dumbfounded that the current blockchain platforms didn’t have the ability to remotely compete with legacy systems.

Legacy systems handle millions and millions of transactions daily, which is not possible with Ethereum or any other existing chain.

Insert DOM Chain and that’s exactly what we plan on doing; we plan on having a pristine infrastructure that can not only compete with legacy systems, but overtake them.


DOM Chain Technology vs. Ethereum

DOM Chain Technology vs. Ethereum

We are superior to all chains, it’s not remotely comparable.

DOM Chain can achieve 30,000+ transactions per second, while each block takes only 5 seconds to be appended, and the best part is gas only costs on average $.01!

One of the main ways we achieve this superior technology is through our proprietary Cloud Public Chain infrastructure.

Tune in for the next article, where I will break down how the Cloud Public Chain works!

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DOM Chain is an advanced public blockchain that provides the underlying architecture for parachain development.

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DOM Chain

DOM Chain

DOM Chain is an advanced public blockchain that provides the underlying architecture for parachain development.

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